Hi everyone! My name is Vikas and I am an Master of Business Analytics student at Clark University.

Everything that occurs or happens in today’s world depends on data and its analysis. As a mature engineer, my aim is to use this valuable resource in an optimistic manner. So, I have decided to pursue my Master’s in Analytics.

Right from high school, I was very fascinated by Mathematics, Science and Technology. Moreover, I had a keen interest in computer software. Thus, for me, it was a clear and undisputed decision to graduate in Analytics. During my school and graduation, I realized that Mathematics, which happens to be my favorite subject, is the only language the world understands. So, I used to take Mathematical concepts and try to apply them practically. This helped me to have a consistent academic record throughout my school life.

“Data is the new oil” - coined by a mathematician, Clive Humby,

I have always tried to apply all theoretical concepts to real-life scenarios by taking on multiple projects which includes principles of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, SQL to create a predictive model for healthcare and banking sector.

Recently, I had also worked as a Business Analyst for a Swiss based reinsurance firm, Swiss Re. I was responsible to gather the insights from the data proved by our clients in cyber security domain, to make an algorithm predicting the inferior configuration on cloud server. I’ve had multiple meetings with clients, convincing them with our ideology. Finally, after 3 months, our team was successfully able to launch the cyber risk score platform partnering with Amazon web services.

While working and leading the teams in these projects and events, I observed that I can manage things well under challenging circumstances. However, there are times when I felt low, but the motivation kept me strong to concur this time. For this, I thank the exposure and experience that I encountered. This has encouraged me to explore different things and take up opportunities to learn new things.

I, now feel that I have an overview of corporate working in Analytics, I want to devote my time to gain more insights into Data and Analytics. Therefore, the next significant step for me to achieve my goals was to select an industry for my career. I am thrilled to start my career and excited as well.

All of the things I learned at my internship prepared me for the real world and prove to be a boon for me in my upcoming journey of becoming a global businessperson and exceptional analyst. So, I reckon the analytics will be vital to shape my career.